Being the wife and mother too these two truly is what drives me in life! Meet my handsome hubs, Brad. We have been married for 5 years and have been together since we were 19 (somedays I can hardly believe its been that long). Brad works extremely hard for our family and truly makes this dream of mine possible. Brad is organized and mayyyyybe a little OCD and has the patience of a saint. I on the other hand am the complete opposite, But we together are perfect and I am so PROUD to be his wife. 



Second to being a wife, I LIVE for being a mother. Meet Rowyn + Veyda, the little girls that makes my world go-round. Rowyn is 4 and is a smart, sassy and sweet! She will be the first to tell you "Hiiii!" and if I let her would probably go home with a stranger. She has a zest for life like I have never seen! Veyda is 1 and the sweetest little soul. Her big smiles and scrunchy nose could put a smile on anyones face. These two make me strive to be a better mom each and everyday!